• BJAST Held a Seminar on "Carbon Neutrality" Technology Cooperation
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  • On April 21, the BJAST, Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Key Laboratory of Shallow Geothermal Energy of the Ministry of Natural Resources held a seminar on "Carbon Neutrality" technology cooperation. Wei Wanshun, member of the leading Party group and vice president of the BJAST, presided over the seminar.

    Wei Wanshun pointed out that all parties in the discussion have carried out in-depth study to reduce fossil energy consumption and promote renewable energy utilization. Especially, Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems towards the energy in the nanoenergy, "blue ocean" energy utilization, Laboratory of Shallow Geothermal Energy towards the use of "green" shallow geothermal energy has made outstanding achievements. He advised all parties to cooperate over "carbon neutral", pursue solutions to constraints posed by underground space to the ground source heat pump system infrastructure, as well as blue energy acquisition and utilization problems result from ocean tidal instability; jointly study and develop compressive and corrosion resistant materials in deep underground heat transfer; jointly set up a carbon neutral research center, actively promote part-time jobs and mutual employment of experts in the field of energy and materials, providing development space for personnel training in the field; continue to actively promote in-depth cooperation among all parties in the form of project cooperation list, so as to provide services for the green and low-carbon economic and social transformation of  the whole city.

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