• BJAST Held the 2022 Conference on Science Popularization
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  • On April 20, BJAST held the 2022 Conference on Science Popularization. Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group and President of the BJAST attended the conference, and Liu Ziliang, leader of the Academy, presided over the conference.

    The conference is aimed to thoroughly implement the construction plan of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center during the 14th Five-year Plan period, the BJAST’s innovation and development plan during the 14th Five-year Plan period and the tasks of popular science popularization in the annual key work. All subordinate institutions of the BJAST were mobilized to actively undertake the tasks of the "Outline of Action Plan for the Scientific Quality of All People in Beijing", to deploy the relevant matters of the "2022 (28th) Beijing Science and Technology Week", and to convey the relevant spirit of "Beijing's use of science popularization resources to boost the ‘double reduction’ measures”.

    The conference listened to the reports of popular science work of 6 national popular science education bases, municipal popular science bases and other 11 subordinate institutions.

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