• BJAST Came to Handan to Dock Projects
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  • From March 28 to 29, Shao Jinwen, vice-president of BJAST, led a team to Handan to dock projects for the construction of Handan Branch of BJAST. At the same time, the team docked the key projects of the BJAST Center for Science Communication, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China University of Mining and Technology, HIT Robot Group, etc. Shao Jinwen and Zhang Xuejun, Vice Mayor of Handan, and other leaders had in-depth exchanges on the progress of the project docking, the current situation of Handan's industrial development and the policies for attracting investment in science and technologies.

    First of all, Zhang Xuejun expressed great gratitude to the BJAST for its long-term support for Handan’s development. He demanded that the Handan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau should closely follow the docking of the projects and provide all-round support for the construction of Handan Branch of BJAST at the same time. Shao Jinwen said that Handan Branch is a platform for collaborative innovation between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Besides, he promised to continue to strengthen the introduction of projects, further improve the quality of project introduction, and construct the Handan Branch of BJAST into an important platform for Handan to attract investment in science and technologies.

    Then, Shao Jinwen and Handan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau held a symposium on the construction of Handan Branch of BJAST. Handan Branch reported on the construction progress and development plan, and Shao Jinwen fully affirmed the development ideas of Handan Branch. Participants of this symposium also offered suggestions for the construction and development of Handan Branch.

    A number of enterprises have engaged in docking projects such as the construction of intelligent cities, intelligent robots, the construction of the Intelligent Mining Research Institute, and the coordinated utilization of multiple solid wastes.

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