• The Information Institute of BJAST Won the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Hunan Province
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    Recently, Hunan province held a science and technology innovation award conference to announce the selection results of Hunan province science and technology award. The "Research and Application of Information Mining System Based on Intelligent Processing of Big Data" jointly completed by The Information Institute of BJAST and Hunan Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information won the second prize of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

    The team led by Wu Chensheng, deputy director of the Information Institute, has concentrated on the research of information theory and the research and development of intelligence tools in the big data era since 2012. This achievement is aimed at scientific and technological information researchers and scientific and technological information service organizations. It puts forward the theory and method of information interpretation based on big data intelligent processing. It uses artificial intelligence and other technologies to develop an information mining system that assists in information interpretation. It has been systematically applied in scientific and technological information work in Hunan Province and other provinces and cities in China. It has realized automatic collection, extraction, analysis and report generation of scientific and technological information based on large data such as scientific research projects, papers, enterprise annual reports and web media reports. By solidifying the thinking of experts and directly displaying the information of interpretation points, the intelligence production has developed from a production based on personal ability to a standardized production coordinated by experts and intelligence personnel, which has changed the mode of intelligence production and established an intelligence work system based on the intelligence production line.

    The Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Award is an award set up by the Hunan Provincial People's Government to reward citizens and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in scientific and technological progress activities. It is reviewed once a year, and the total number of awards does not exceed 230. The award marks that the research results on intelligence tools have been recognized by domestic counterparts.

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