• BJAST Received a Team from Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Foods Group
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  • On November 17, Chang Yi, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Foods Group Co., Ltd., led a team to BJAST for research and discussion. Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and President of the BJAST, communicated with Chang Yi on strengthening cooperation. Zheng Xin, member of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of the BJAST, attended the meeting.

    Wu pointed out that under the guidance of the authority, the BJAST should increase exchanges and cooperation with municipal state-owned enterprises, learn about the real needs and problems of enterprises in innovation and development, and achieve mechanisms, cooperation and breakthroughs. He hoped that the two sides could comprehensively carry out in-depth cooperation around the strategic positioning of the capital city and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the capital.

    Zheng Xin pointed out that the BJAST and Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Foods Group have a good foundation for cooperation in safe production, inspection and testing. The two sides are hoped to establish a regular communication mechanism, integrate superior resources, expand cooperation channels, and conduct in-depth cooperation in joint application for topics, carry out talent training, promote science popularization and promote the implementation of achievements.

    Chang Yi said that as a comprehensive scientific research institution subordinated to the Beijing Municipal Government, BJAST has made great contributions to promoting scientific and technological innovation in Beijing and serving the development of the city for a long time. The two sides have a good foundation and broad prospects for cooperation. He hoped that the two sides could establish a strategic cooperative relationship and become a model for in-depth cooperation between municipal scientific research institutions and municipal state-owned enterprises.

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