• President Wu Jianmin Led a team to Beijing Drainage Group for Exchanges
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  • On November 4, Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and President of BJAST, led a team to Beijing Drainage Group for investigation and discussion, and communicated with Jiang Yong, Director and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Drainage Group. Liu Qingjun and Zheng Xin, members of Leading Party Members’ Group and vice presidents of BJAST, and Wang Jiawei, Director of the Science and Technology Research and Development Center of Beijing Drainage Group and Chairman of Beijing Beipai Science and Technology Co., Ltd., participated in the event.

    At the meeting, the two sides introduced the basic situation of their institutions, and had in-depth exchanges on the ideas and plans for the next stage of cooperation. Wu pointed out that BJAST and Beijing Drainage Group have a solid foundation and broad prospects for cooperation in areas such as urban sewage advanced treatment, sludge recycling, intelligent management of drainage pipelines, and "resilient cities". Jiang Yong expressed his high agreement and hoped that the two sides would establish a strategic cooperation relationship, carry out in-depth cooperation in applied technology research and development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, establish a regular cooperation mechanism, and jointly make greater contributions to the construction of the Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center.

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