• The BJAST held the 2022 Beijing National Science Popularization Day Successfully
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  • From September 17th to 18th, the 2022 Beijing National Science Popularization Day was held at the Beijing Planetarium by the BJAST. The event involved 14 subordinated units of the BJAST, Beijing School, and Wangxinzhuang Town, Pinggu District, aiming to promote the scientific spirit and the spirit of scientists, popularize scientific knowledge, inspire scientific dreams and scientific aspirations, and promote the improvement of scientific quality of the whole people.

    The event included three parts: the opening ceremony, the popular science show and the outdoor popular science exhibition. The popular science show includes poetry recitation, a popular science experiment presented by David G. Evans, a distinguished professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology and one of the top ten science communication figures in Popular Science China, a popular science drama performed by teenagers and science stories shared by members of Beijing Planetarium, Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center and Beijing Natural History Museum. The exhibition is based on the four advantageous fields of BJAST, two characteristic fields, and four research and development directions. It displayed the achievements of the BJAST comprehensively in science popularization and the popularization of scientific and technological resources. This event has a high degree of public participation, wide coverage and great social influence. It is a landmark activity and an important carrier for the BJAST to promote the work of Beijing's science popularization and scientific quality outline.

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