• President Wu Led a Team to 2022 Beijing Science and Technology Week for Investigation
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  • On August 22, Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group and President of BJAST, led a team to City Lvxin Forest Park in Tongzhou District to investigate the science popularization exhibitions, greeted the participating staff in the 2022 Beijing Science and Technology Week, and put forward requirements for the scientific and technological innovation and science popularization of the subordinated institutions. Liu Ziliang, Leader of the BJAST, investigated together. Heads of relevant institutions participated in the visit.

    During the 2022 Beijing Science and Technology Week, 14 exhibitions and 2 popular science activities of the BJAST enjoyed popularity among the audience by their unique forms, rich exhibition categories, strong interactive activities and professional popular science explanations. Among them, the colorful biological exhibition of the Institute of Radiation Technology won the award of "the Most Popular Outdoor Exhibition at the Main Venue of the Science and Technology Week".

    Wu Jianmin required to strengthen the overall planning of science popularization resources, integrate science and technology exhibitions and activities, and further enhance the science popularization brand of the whole academy. The Beijing daily, Qianlong, China Kepu and other media have widely publicized and reported the characteristic popular science exhibitions of the BJAST, fully demonstrating its rich scientific and technological innovation achievements and popular science resources, and achieving good social benefits.

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