• Fang Li, the Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group of BJAST, and Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group and President of the BJAST Visited Beijing City University for Promoting Cooperation
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  • On 17th of February, Fang Li, the Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group of BJAST, and Wu Jianmin, deputy secretary of leading party members’ group and president of the BJAST, went to the Aerospace City Campus of Beijing City University to conduct research and study, and communicated with Liu Lin, President of Beijing City University on the cooperation issues.

    At the meeting, Fang Li pointed out that the BJAST will strengthen close cooperation with Beijing City University and actively explore a new mechanism for the integration of science and education. In the near future, we will focus on three aspects: jointly carry out high-level talent training, improve the personnel mutual employment mechanism, and promote the training of applied talents; Jointly carry out scientific research and improve professional title evaluation, performance appraisal and other mechanisms; Build a science and education innovation platform and promote the construction of applied disciplines.

    Combined with the overall situation of Beijing City University, Liu Lin pointed out that the current aerospace city campus is facing the transformation of development orientation. With the help of this transformation, the two sides can further implement the cooperation agreement through specific projects such as personnel exchange, Co Construction of applied disciplines and joint laboratories.

    Wu Jianmin pointed out that the two sides have complementary advantages in combination with their respective development plans and spatial layout. The two sides should strengthen coordination and communication, strengthen resource sharing and promote substantive progress in strategic cooperation.


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