• BJAST Recommended an Cadre to Support "Talent Beijing Suburbs Tour"
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  • In order to implement the strategic plan for the development of talents in the capital, the programme "Talent Beijing Suburbs Tour" was introduced in 2008. High-level professionals and technical talents in various fields are selected in accordance with the principle of "professional counterparts and giving full play to their expertise" and sent to the suburbs of Beijing for counterpart support and grassroots service. In 2021, BJAST recommended Zhang Shuai,  deputy director of the Technology Transfer Center, as a candidate to serve as the deputy director of the Zhongguancun Fangshan Park Science and Technology Service Center, engaged in research on high-tech industry promotion policies, intellectual property rights, and achievement transfer and transformation.

    He made full use of his professional expertise and resource advantages, played the role of bridge, and carried out a series of key tasks in order to build the upgraded version of Fangshan's high-tech industry and form a Fangshan characteristic industrial ecosystem.

    First, he gave full play to intellectual advantages to strengthen top-level design. By actively studying Fangshan innovative development ideas schemes during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and organizing research and preparation of planning documents, he injected new development momentum into related industries. Second, he played the role of bridge to promote connection between a number of national and municipal key laboratories such as the International Technology Transfer Platform of the BJAST and the Science and Technology Cooperation Center of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the industrial park to meet the development needs, continuously improving resources and services in the Zhongguancun Fangshan Park. Also, he proactively liaised with the national high-tech enterprises to bring about their collaboration with Fangshan. Moreover, he conducted in-depth enterprise research to provide accurate help for enterprise development. He kept up with the production and operation of enterprises, assisted them to discover and solve problems timely, promoting their production and efficiency.


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