• BJAST was Listed on XinhuaHao “2021 Most Influential List (Government Affairs)”
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  • Recently, the BJAST was listed on the 2021 Government Affairs List, one of the “2021 most influential lists” released by XinhuaHao.

    XinhuaHao is a high-quality content aggregation and distribution platform launched by Xinhuanet, a key central news website, and is operated and managed by the Xinhuanet client.

    XinhuaHao comprehensively evaluates the posts by users throughout the year, and conducts a comprehensive evaluation from multiple dimensions such as the volume of posts, reading volume, high quality, interaction volume, and number of fans, which is highly authoritative.

    Since the BJAST registered on XinhuaHao, it has received strong support from this platform and high recognition from fans.

    In the future, BJAST will make full use of its resource advantages in sci-tech innovation and science popularization with the help of official self-media platforms such as XinhuaHao, RenminHao, BeijingHao, ToutiaoHao, and continue to provide the public with higher-quality content and works.



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