• The Science and Technology Think Tank Center of the BJAST and the Dandong Talent Office Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
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  • On 23rd of December, Du Binghai, the member of the Standing Committee of the Dandong Municipal Party Committee and the deputy mayor, led a team to the BJAST for discussion and exchanges, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Wang Li, the deputy secretary of the leading party members’ group and the vice president of the BJAST, attended and presided over the meeting. The Science and Technology Think Tank Center of the BJAST and the Dandong Talents Office signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Ren Xiaogang, the director of the Science and Technology Think Tank Center of the BJAST, and Zhang Yuncheng, the deputy director of the Organization Department of the Dandong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, respectively signed a framework cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties.

    Du Binghai introduced the basic situation of Dandong City and hoped to carry out in-depth cooperation with the BJAST in the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and talent exchanges, so as to inject new momentum into Dandong's high-quality economic and social development.

    Wang Li introduced the reform and development of the BJAST and said that for the future cooperation between the two parties, one is to strengthen the communication and cooperation between the two parties and establish a daily communication and coordination mechanism. The second is to strengthen comprehensive strategic cooperation to jointly achieve both quality and efficiency improvements. Third, we must make full use of the superior resources of both parties to strengthen personnel exchange and training.

    Ren Xiaogang introduced the construction of BJAST Base and BJAST Think Tank, and proposed the next step of cooperation between the two sides. The first is to fully implement the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed with Dandong Talent Office. The second is to take advantage of the intellectual resources of BJAST Think Tank's high-end talents to serve the high-quality development of Dandong City. The third is to cooperate with Dandong City in jointly applying for industrial projects and establish an effective working mechanism.

    Zhang Yuncheng introduced the development of talent work in Dandong since 2010, focusing on the achievements of talent introduction and other aspects.

    The main persons in charge of relevant departments of BJAST participated in the signing ceremony and exchanged views with relevant units of Dandong City on the next step of cooperation.

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