• Fang Li Visits the Yongfeng Modern Manufacturing Technology Industrial Park of BJAST for Investigation
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  • On 6th of December, Fang Li, the secretary of the leading party members’ group of the Academy, went to the Yongfeng Modern Manufacturing Technology Industrial Park of the BJAST("Yongfeng Park") to investigate and inspected the space layout of the Yongfeng Park on the spot, as well as the newly build laboratories and office space reserved for new materials and advanced manufacturing and other new hard technology research institutes, and listened to special work reports from the leading group of BJAST Holdings and the responsible comrades of the High-tech Development Department of BJAST.

    The responsible comrades of BJAST Holdings reported on the development history, current situation and future development plan of Yongfeng Park, as well as the work situation and follow-up development ideas of BJAST Holdings' investment and financing, real estate operation and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The responsible comrades of the High and New Technology Development Office reported on the site selection of the laboratory and office space for the construction of the new hard science and technology research institute in Yongfeng Park, as well as the renovation, equipment purchase plan and follow-up promotion plan.

    Fang Li pointed out that BJAST Holdings must make a high-level development plan for diversified operations, and must serve the BJAST's affiliated institutions and research institutes to concentrate on scientific research. Fang Li requested that the High-tech Development Department of BJAST should play its role as the leading department in preparing for the establishment of the special class, and specifically coordinate and promote the team formation of the newly-built hard science and technology research institute, in conjunction with BJAST Holdings, relevant departments of the institute, and relevant institutes to promote the construction of hard science and technology research institutes to lay a solid foundation and create better conditions for the realization of our institute's new layout and new development in the capital's high-precision industrial science and technology research and development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

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