• Pursuing the Dream of Winter Olympics with Science and Technology —— The BJAST Held a Research Symposium on Serving Winter Olympics with Science and Technology
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  • On July 16, a special research symposium on “Staying true to the original aspiration, keeping in mind the mission” with science and technology serving the Winter Olympics as its main content was held in BJAST Mansion. Shao Jinwen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and vice-president of the Academy, attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, experts and scholars from the “six centers” such as the BJAST Think Tank gave free rein to their imagination on all aspects of the “Scientific and Technological Winter Olympics”. Experts in the fields of public safety, food safety, ecological environment, etc. of the BJAST, in combination with the implementation of the Work Plan for Science and Technology Services for 2022 Winter Olympics of the BJAST, made a report on the current research results one by one. They insisted that the whole academy shall continuously “dig deep into the existing resources”, highlight the advantages of the industry, proactively identify the technical requirements for the “Scientific and Technological Winter Olympics”, and continuously deepen and refine the research direction starting from the topics of artificial intelligence, big data analysis technology, remediation of contaminated sites, etc., so as to better serve the preparations for the Winter Olympics.

    Holding the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics well is a major landmark event at an important historical node in our country. For Party members and cadres in the whole academy, to do a good job in real matters, to serve the development of the capital and to contribute to the preparations for the Winter Olympics through solid education on the theme of “Staying true to the original aspiration, keeping in mind the mission” is indeed a spiritual incentive. It is expected that the BJAST will make full use of the advantages of its “six centers and three platforms” to mobilize the strength of the whole academy, to realize direct connection between the advantageous projects and the needs of the Scientific and Technological Winter Olympics, to give full play to the science and technology strength of the BJAST, and to add luster to the Winter Olympics.

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