• BJAST Attended 2019 International Association for Talent Development Conference and Exhibition in US
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  • From May 19 to 23, the BJAST sent 3 people from the Human Resources Department and the Training Center to Washington to attend the 2019 International Association for Talent Development (ATD) Conference and Exhibition.

    In 2019 ATD International Conference and Exhibition, 13,500 participants from 88 countries and more than 400 learning and development suppliers gathered in Washington to jointly complete more than 300 sessions of learning and exhibition in 4 days, with 2,300 international participants, 163 of whom were from China.

    At the meeting, the delegation of the BJAST focused on the sub-forums of leadership development and cultural change, global human resources development, training evaluation, learning new technologies and performance improvement from over 300 lectures. Through the meeting, the delegation learned more about the sessions and grasped the latest research results in these fields to guide the practice of talent development in our academy.

    The BJAST is now at a critical stage of vigorously promoting international development. As for the talent development work, the development strategy of “creating a new academy, strengthening the academy with talents, opening the academy to the outside world, and promoting the academy with services” should be firmly grasped. The BJAST should also face the future of opening up and development when formulating its talent development plan.

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