• The Science Popularization Activity of “Beijing-Qinhuangdao Science Popularization Travel, Building Science Dream Together” Held by BJAST Entered Qinhuangdao
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  • On June 3, the 2-day popular science activity of the BJAST entered Qinhuangdao and the theme popular science activity of Beijing-Qinhuangdao Popular Science Travel, Building a Science Dream Together was opened in the Gymnasium of No.4 Middle School in Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone.

    The activity was jointly sponsored by the BJAST, the Hebei Association for Science and Technology and the Qinhuangdao Municipal Government, and was hosted by the BJAST Center for Science Communication, the Administrative Committee of Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Qinhuangdao Association for Science and Technology. Liu Hongdong, Deputy Director of Administrative Committee of Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, presided over the opening ceremony. Shao Jinwen, Deputy Director of BJAST, Xu Shundou, Deputy Secretary and Vice Chairman of Hebei Association for Science and Technology, attended and addressed the ceremony. Ding Wei, Deputy Secretary of Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee also attended the ceremony.

    Shao Jinwen introduced the important functions undertaken by the BJAST Center for Science Communication, namely, to coordinate the scientific popularization resources of the whole academy, to create a highland” for the popularization and dissemination of science, and to promote the joint development of the science popularization and technological innovation. He pointed out that in the future, the BJAST will make greater contributions to the coordinated innovation of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei through scientific research, exhibition exchange, collection exchange, the hosting of international influential conferences and competitions, and the establishment of transnational science popularization bases.

    At the meeting, Zeng Qingyu, president of the publishing house, donated 50,000 yuan worth of popular science books on behalf of the BJAST.

    After the opening ceremony, the participants visited the popular science exhibition. As the constituent parts of BJAST Center for Science Communication, 12 units such as the Nature Museum brought more than 30 interactive activities featuring popular science exhibitions, and nearly 3,000 teachers and students from 9 local schools participated in the activities.

    The holding of this activity has strengthened the integration and exchange of science popularization resources between Beijing and Qinhuangdao, and witnessed the firm step of science popularization workers in Beijing and Qinhuangdao to jointly build the Chinese dream together with innovation.

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