• The Second Lecture of “BJAST Lecture Hall”—— Professor Tao Xiaofeng’s Lecture on 5G
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  • On April 26, the second lecture of “BJAST Lecture Hall” of BJAST was held. Professor Tao Xiaofeng, a well-known expert in the field of wireless communication, was invited to be the guest speaker of the second lecture, bringing a wonderful report entitled “5G Wireless Heterogeneous Aggregation Network and 5G Applications” to more than 100 scientific research backbones in BJAST. President Guo Guangsheng of BJAST and Professor Tao Xiaofeng met and talked before the start of the lecture hall.  Vice President Shao Jinwen presided over the lecture hall.

    In the lecture hall, Professor Tao Xiaofeng introduced the evolution process of mobile communication technology, as well as the basic principle, technical characteristics and development status of 5G communication technology in vivid language. In addition, Professor Tao also shared his own research experience and that of his team in the research process of 4G and 5G technologies. Moreover, Professor Tao answered all the questions about 5G application research and development, achievement transfer and transformation, risk prevention and control by using mobile phone signals, and development prospects of 6G and even 7G technologies in the future. Professor Tao outlined the future development and application of 5G technology for the scientific researchers present with professional spirit and rigorous words, which broadened the participants’ vision, inspired their thinking and stimulated their enthusiasm for scientific research.

    Shao Jinwen expressed thanks to Professor Tao Xiaofeng for his wonderful report on behalf of BJAST, and encouraged scientific researchers of the BJAST to follow Professor Tao Xiaofeng as an example and benchmark, grasp the development opportunities brought by 5G technology, and greet the 35th anniversary of BJAST’s establishment with outstanding achievements.

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