• Two New Achievements of Computing Center Approved as "Beijing New Technology and New Products (Services)"
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  • Recently, the "scientific research project application management system" and "microbiological data analysis service system" developed by Beijing Computing Center have been approved as "Beijing New Technology and New Products (Services)". At present, 17 products in the Computing Center have been approved.

    The computing center has formed three product (service) lines in intelligent manufacturing, bio-medicine and government administration, laying a solid foundation for acquiring new technologies and new products (services). Identified new technologies and products (services) can enjoy policy support such as government procurement and promotion and application.

    "Scientific research project application management system" takes the whole life cycle management of scientific research projects as the core. Through the realization of the whole life management of scientific research project application, evaluation, project initiation, execution, acceptance, achievement and performance, the scientific research management process are improved. In order to meet the needs of different users, each stage is decoupled, and the content of the corresponding stage can be deployed according to the needs of users. "Microbiological data analysis service system" is a data analysis system developed to serve the fields of biology, medicine, agronomy, animal husbandry, bioenergy and industry, etc.

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