• City Leaders Investigated Elk Center of BJAST
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  • On February 15, Vice Mayor Lu Yan visited the Beijing Elk Ecological Experimental Center for research. Chen Bei, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, Deng Naiping, director of Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry, Fang Li, Secretary of Party Committee of BJAST, and others took part in the investigation.

    Lu Yan heard reports on the scientific discovery of Elk, local extinction, reintroduction process and wildlife conservation and management.

    In Wildlife Borne Diseases Monitoring Station, the researchers of Elk Center showed the immunocytochemical staining experiment, and introduced the experiment in the physiological, pathological mechanism and functional research of wild animals. Lu Yan affirmed the achievements made by Elk Center in the monitoring, prevention and control of Elk and other wildlife. He said that these research experiments provided scientific basis for the prevention and control of animal diseases and encouraged researchers to have higher academic attainments in wildlife research and protection, to do a solid job in animal protection and management, and to create more ecological benefits, social benefits and scientific research value.

    Fang Li put forward requirements for the work of Elk Center. He pointed out that Elk protection is a Chinese sample of the world's wildlife protection and we should take this investigation as an opportunity to promote the further promotion of Elk protection. We should actively play the role of platform to build popular science positions and expand popular science brands; We should strengthen popular science education and provide better educational resources for primary and secondary school students; We should use the unique species of Elk to tell stories about animal protection, highlight its characteristics, continuously improve its influence and reputation, and better serve the construction of Beijing's "Four Centers."

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