• The First Lecture of “BJAST Lecture Hall”-Academician Wang Zhonglin and His Nanogenerator
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  • On January 10, the “BJAST Lecture Hall” of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology was held in the mansion of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. Academician Wang Zhonglin, an internationally renowned scientist, was invited as the first guest of the BJAST Lecture Hall. With the topic of “Application of Friction Nanogenerator in Internet of Things and Self-Drive System”, Academician Wang Zhonglin has brought a scientific feast to more than 100 scientific research backbones such as the director of scientific research, researchers and postdoctoral in some secondary units of the academy. Guo Guangsheng, President of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, Wang Li, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President, and Vice President Shao Jinwen, attended the meeting.

    Prior to the meeting, a ceremony was held to appoint Academician Wang Zhonglin as honorary researcher and advisor to the dean. Guo Guangsheng presented Academician Wang Zhonglin with the letter of appointment of the Academy’s honorary researcher and the letter of appointment of advisor to the dean. Shao Jinwen presided over the appointment ceremony.

    Academician Wang Zhonglin narrated the process of gradually forming his own research field from discovering problems to doing basic research and then to conducting the research and development of applied technologies from the perspective of a top international scientist. His report was very vivid and had wonderful contents, and he explained profound theories in simple language. Finally, Guo Guangsheng expressed his gratitude to Academician Wang Zhonglin for serving as the first honorary researcher and advisor to the dean of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology and for making the first report of the “BJAST Lecture Hall”. He asked all scientific and technological workers in the whole Academy to learn from Academician Wang Zhonglin's unremitting pursuit and hard work in scientific undertakings, and encouraged young scientific and technological personnel to strive to open up academic directions, boldly explore academic fields not discovered by others, and promote better and faster development of scientific and technological undertakings.

    “BJAST Lecture Hall” is an important platform for our Academy to face the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, build academic exchanges and carry forward the scientific spirit. In the future, well-known authoritative experts in scientific and technological innovation at home and abroad will be invited to give special academic lectures to push the innovation and development of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology to a new level.

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