• Center for Science Communication of BJAST Held the “2019 New Year’s Eve at the Museum”
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  • On December 31, 2018, the “40 Years of Reform and Opening-up  New Year's Eve at the Museum——Center for Science Communication of BJAST  2019 New Year’s Eve at the Museum”, sponsored by the Center for Science Communication of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology and jointly participated by Beijing Museum of Natural History, Beijing Planetarium, Beijing Elk Garden Museum and Beijing Science and Technology Publishing Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Beijing Museum of Natural History. Fang Li, secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, attended the event.

    Gao Yue, director of the Center for Science Communication of BJAST, deputy director of the Academy and director of the Conditions Division, delivered an opening speech. Fang Li announced the opening of the “2019 New Year's Eve at the Museum” activity. Popular science explanation and various special activities were held in the exhibition hall of the Beijing Museum of Natural Science. The event was broadcast live for many times, and it attracted reports from many news media.

    This activity was launched by the Center for Science Communication of BJAST with the integration of scientific resources of the whole Academy and the organization of cross-unit cooperation. All units worked together and cooperated closely to bring the audience a unique new year's journey. The holding of the activity laid the foundation for the cooperation between the Center and its constituent units to carry out activities in 2019.

    In 2019, the Center for Science Communication of BJAST will continue to tap the potential of science popularization resources in the whole Academy and turn the “New Year's Eve at the Museum” into a well-known brand activity of science popularization in the capital, so as to better satisfy the public's value pursuit of feeling science, understanding science and advocating science, and make due contributions to improving the scientific literacy of the whole people.

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