• BJAST Held the 2018 Postdoctoral Academic Exchange Meeting
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  • On December 25, the Postdoctoral Academic Exchange Meeting was held in BJAST. President Guo Guangsheng attended the meeting and more than 20 post doctors as well as the principals of departments consisting of the leading group of talent work attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, the post doctors introduced the progress of their own scientific research and their research experience, and the participants conducted a warm discussion on the hot issues in scientific research work.

    Guo Guangsheng pointed out that the post-doctoral stage is not only an important period for the doctors to transform into the scientific and technological personnel, but also a significant stage of growing into a professional scientist. Everybody should maintain a sense of urgency, seize the opportunity, make good positioning, choose right direction, timely conduct summary on scientific research, and make full use of various learning opportunities to improve the comprehensive quality. BJAST will create various opportunities to serve talents, share scientific and technological resources, and provide temporary post as the practice platform for post doctors. He hopes that the post doctors can make more use of the scientific research power for development and win-win cooperation.

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