• Astro Observation along “the Belt and Road” and 2018 IOAA were Held in Planetarium
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  • From November 3-11, Youth Exchange Activities for Astronomical Observation in Countries and Regions Along “the Belt and Road” and 2018 International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) organized by BJAST and other units were held in Beijing Planetarium. Liu Yinchun, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Municipal Government, Guo Guangsheng, President of BJAST, Wang Dingdong, Inspector of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and other leaders, as well as Richard de Grijs, Vice Chairman and Chairman-Designate of Committee on Education, Popular Science and Cultural Heritage subordinate to International Astronomical Union and other guests attended. More than 300 teachers and students from 38 countries and regions took part in the competition.

    Guo Guangsheng pointed out that in the field of science popularization, BJAST has two national first-class museums, namely Beijing Planetarium and Beijing Museum of Natural History, Beijing Elk Center of Ecological Experiment and a number of science popularization bases. Promoting scientific and technological innovation and scientific popularization, and creating good scientific and cultural environment with the astronomical science popularization activity as the media is necessary for China to realize the blueprint of the Belt and Road and for Beijing to build the four centers. This activity is bound to raise a wave of science popularization and communication in Beijing, which is of great significance for improving the scientific quality of people and promoting the construction of the national cultural center and the scientific and technological innovation center.

    Richard de Grijs hoped that the contestants will enjoy the challenge, make international friends and actively participate in the activities. Gregorz Stachowski expressed gratitude to Beijing Municipal Government, BJAST, Beijing Planetarium and all the organizers and supporters, and wished the contestants to obtain good results. Each team participated in the theory, data processing and other competitions. Eventually, China won three golden medals, four silver medals and two bronze medals.

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