• BJAST and Pacific Innoventures Limited have Held 100 Technology Achievements Docking Exchange Conference
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    On October 26th, BJAST, North China University of Technology and Pacific Innoventures Limited have held 100 technology achievements docking exchange conference. GuoGuangsheng, President of BJAST, has met with the US guests.Dr. Ni Yang, co-founder of Pacific Innoventures Limited, Mr.Furlotti, Mr. Josh Sybrowsky, Ding Hui, President of North China University of Technology, Lu Lirong, deputy general manager of Lingchuan financial found company of Zhongguancun Development Group, RenChunming, deputy general manager of CIC Consulting Co., Ltd. of State Development& Investment Corp. have attended the conference. Shao Jinwen, Vice President of BJAST, has presided over the meeting.

    In his speech, Shao Jinwen hope that we would built up an international docking platform for technology and market to better promote the BJAST’s technology achievements transformation through this exchange.

    In his speech, Ding Hui expressed highly appreciation for the excellent technical platform and achievements of the US guests, and introduced the relevant background.

    Dr.Ni Yang, Patrick Furlotti and Josh Sybrowskyhave made a special report together. They have introduced the project “Projects for good” and “Through InnovationInvention”. Han Fei, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Deparement of North China University of Technology, has shared the experienceof providing services to country, and the successful experience of integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region. GuoLugang, Deputy Director of Transformation Division of BJAST, has introduced more than 20 technologies such as the intelligent emergency evacuation management system and so on.

    After the meeting, the participants have conducted a discussion.

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